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How To Cure Endometriosis And Fibroids Naturally With Food

By   January 10, 2014

how to cure endometriosis and fibroidsFibroids which are also known as leiomyoma or myoma are non-cancerous (in most cases) tumors that grow from the smooth muscle tissue of the uterus and vary in size, shape, etc, and usually produce no symptoms. Endometriosis on the other hand relates to the endometrium which is the lining of the uterus and results when cells made up of this lining break away and grow in areas outside the uterine cavity. There are many ways to treat these two conditions including various natural methods and here is some information on how to cure endometriosis and fibroids naturally with the help of food. Read more [...]

Do You Really Have Uterine Fibroids? 4 Conditions Similar To Fibroids

By   April 3, 2013

fibroid natural treatmentThere are many other conditions that produce similar symptoms to uterine fibroids so do not just assume that you have fibroid tumors. While many fibroid natural treatment methods can be the catchall way to eliminate many of these other conditions as well, it is important to be sure that you have fibroid tumors and not some other condition. Getting proper uterine fibroids diagnosis is important.

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Difference Between Fibroids And Endometriosis

By   March 14, 2013

difference between fibroids and endometriosis  While some fibroids may cause fertility issues, many other fertility issues are caused by endometriosis and not fibroids. Here are some of the differences between fibroids and endometriosis.

Uterine fibroids and endometriosis are the leading reasons that many women have hysterectomies. Since this is major surgery and only necessary in about 10% of cases, women should be looking towards other ways to combat these conditions including the very effective fibroid natural treatment methods as well as endometriosis natural treatment methods.

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