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10 Helpful Fibroids Links

natural wats to treat fibroidy

1. We are all about treating fibroids naturally on this site so read Homeopathic and Holistic Treatments for Uterine Fibroids for more info on natural ways to treat fibroids.

2. While we are all about treating fibroids naturally here, sometimes surgery is necessary but before opting for drastic surgery, you may want to consider minimally invasive procedures first. Read the article Minimally Invasive Fix for Uterine Fibroids for more information on a type of minimally invasive procedure for treating fibroids.

3. You may think that once you reach menopause, you will no longer have to deal with fibroids because of the significant drop in the female hormone estrogen during this time. You may want to think again. Read more at Why Menopause Won’t Cure Endometriosis, Fibroids, or Ovarian Cysts.

4. Read the article Natural Ways to Deal With Uterine Fibroids for more tips and tricks that you can use to shrink fibroids.

5. For basic information on fibroids read the article Fibroids: What Women Need To Know

6. 10 Warning Signs You May have Fibroids

7. “How I Overcame Fibroid” – Kemi Adetiba Shares Her Painful Ordeal

8. Dealing with fibroids can be such a challenge for some women especially if they are dealing with severe fibroids symptoms – Uterine fibroids reduce quality of life for women. Recent study shows fear, lack of knowledge keep many from seeking treatment

9. Despite what you doctor says Not All Roads Point to Hysterectomy: Treatment Options for Fibroids

10. Before you opt for surgery, look into natural ways to treat fibroids first – RISKS OF FIBROID SURGERY


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