beat fibroids naturally

9 Reasons Why You’ll Never Beat Fibroids Naturally

beat fibroids naturally

January of each year is usually the time when many people make various resolutions including health resolutions but even before the first week of the New Year is over, they have already forsaken their goals. How long have you been struggling with fibroids and even when you have been given tools, you still find yourself struggling with fibroids year after year?

Well here are 9 reasons why you’ll never beat fibroids naturally.

1. I can’t

What do you really believe? We don’t get what we want. We get what we believe. We don’t get what we need. We get what we love. Do you love struggle more than a life free of struggle. Do you love talking about your health problems more than what it will take for you to get rid of your problems?

2. I want

You keep saying “I want” and not “I have”. “I want” keeps what you want out of your grasp whereas “I have” brings what you want in your life. You have everything you need right now to beat fibroids.

3. If only

Instead of making a declaration that “I will”, you keep saying “if only” you had such and such. If only you had access to this herb or that herb. If only you could have a personal trainer and so on and so forth.

4. Doubt

Instead of expecting the best or a positive outcome for your endeavors, you are filled with doubt about being able to achieve what you want.

5. Try

Instead of saying you will do which helps you follow through, you keep saying that you will try and is it any wonder that you never strive for what you want.

6. I don’t think so / maybe

This is a little similar to doubt in that instead of being convinced that you know that you will have a positive outcome, you either say that maybe you will have a positive outcome or you just don’t think anything you do will make a difference.

7. I don’t have time

Instead of believing that you have time right now to exercise, to prepare healthy meals, to eliminate stress, to start changing your negative thoughts, etc, you believe that you don’t have the time to do any of those things.

8. Nervousness and anxiety

Instead of being filled with extreme confidence about beating fibroids, you are nervous and anxious. You are on shaky ground which only leads to failure.

9. It’s too hard

Ultimately you just don’t think that you have what it takes to do what you need to do to beat fibroids. You don’t think you can change your eating habits or make other important lifestyle changes and don’t believe that because you don’t have this herb or that food, or that workout program that you can’t do anything.

Well there you have it. These are the reasons that you will never overcome fibroids naturally or even surgically because they can return after surgery unless you make holistic changes. But just because this is you past and even current situation does not mean that it has to be your future.

For those for whom the above have applied for a long time but are now committed to making a change, a helpful step-by-step guide that shows you everything that you need to do to cure and prevent your fibroids using naturally methods only is the Fibroids Miracle guide. Find out more about this proven holistic guide here.

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