treating fibroids naturally

Benefits Of Treating Fibroids Naturally With Exercise

treating fibroids naturallyOf the many benefits of exercise, who would have thought that exercise is also one of the best ways of treating fibroids naturally? You may think that because you are dealing with these sometimes painful fibroid tumors that you have an excuse to not exercise ad simply lie on your couch or bed but you couldn’t be more wrong.

In the absence of fibroids, exercise is extremely beneficial for general health and well-being and it is even more important when you are dealing with uterine fibroids as well as many other health issues so dust off your sneakers and put on your workout gear as we consider the many benefits of exercise for fibroids below.

Treating fibroids naturally

There are so many ways of treating fibroids naturally and one of the best ways includes making important lifestyle changes. This includes changing your diet so that you eat more fibroid healing foods and fewer foods that not only increase your risk of developing fibroids but also increase your risk of developing painful symptoms of uterine fibroids.

While making diet changes is an important aspect of making a lifestyle change, exercise is also a significant part of it. Exercise is important whether you have fibroids or not and various research studies have found that athletic women are at a reduced risk of developing fibroid tumors than women who don’t make exercise a regular part of their lifestyle.

Benefits of exercise for fibroids

1. Hormone balance

Hormonal imbalance (state of estrogen dominance) is commonly blamed for the development of fibroids as well as the worsening of symptoms and one of the best ways of treating fibroids naturally is preventing a state of estrogen dominance and exercise can help with this as it can help to regulate hormone production.

2. Stress relief

Chronic stress is one of the major risk factors of the development of fibroids as well as many other health conditions and one of the best ways to eliminate stress is to exercise.

3. Boosts endorphins levels

Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones that also help with pain relief. Exercising can increase the levels of these hormones which can help with some symptoms of fibroids such as pain, cramping as well as depression which may result from dealing with fibroids.

4. Improved muscle tone

Regular exercise can help improve the muscle tone in all areas of the body including the muscles in the pelvic region which can help to heal various women’s health issues including fibroids.

5. Improved circulation

Exercise can help to improve circulation all over the body including in the pelvic region as well as promoting better oxygenation in the entire system.

6. Improved elimination

We already talked about the benefits of a fiber rich diet for fibroids by helping promote the prompt elimination of waste, toxins and excessive hormones and exercise also helps promote healthy and regular bowel movements which can help fight constipation which can be one of the symptoms of fibroids.

7. You will feel good

No one exercises regularly and feels bad about themselves. Sticking to an exercise regimen and exercising even when you don’t feel like it, will make you feel good about yourself and promote a healthy self-image as your body gets stronger, leaner and healthier. Holistic treatments stress the importance of a mind/body connection and when you feel good about yourself, natural remedies have a better chance of working and you will take better care of yourself.

There are so many more benefits of exercise for treating fibroids naturally as well as for promoting overall health and well-being so start exercising today! For an exercise program that is targeted specifically for women, click here.

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