pineapple for fibroids

Drink Pineapple Water Today To Fight Off These Health Issues (Including Fibroids!)

The enzyme Bromelain helps fight disease containing inflammation

Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is an amazingly juicy, healthy tropical fruit. It’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients that can help fight sickness and disease. The enzyme it contains bromelain also helps fight disease causing inflammation. It’s regularly eaten cooked, barbecued, or simply cut.

Pineapple and the nutrients it contains are connected many health benefits including the following;

1. Fights inflammation
Bromelain is an enzyme that has anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain helps the body get rid of toxins by fighting off inflammation, which impacts all the tissues and organs in the body. Regular consumption of pineapple can help treat mild forms of arthritis and sports injuries by reducing inflammation and pain.
2. Helps with Fibroids
Pineapples can be used as a proven anti-inflammatory. Pineapples may also reduce fibroid-induced uterine contractions and related discomfort and cramping.
Try juicing them or even simply adding juice to your regular water intake over 2 to 3 weeks and see how they relieve some of your fibroid symptoms over time.
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3. Helps with weight loss
Due to the fiber contained in pineapple, it takes more time to digest, thus causing a prolonged feeling of satiety.
Drinking pineapple water in the morning prevents sugar and fat cravings. Thiamine helps boost your body’s metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy.
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4. Flushes parasites from liver and intestines
Pineapples contain an enzyme bromelain, that is anti-parasitic. A couple of sources state that a three-day pineapple fast will kill tapeworms.
5. Regulates the thyroid
Pineapples contain iodine and bromelain that are effective in improving various autoimmune disorders and; thus, effective in easing symptoms associated with thyroiditis. Read more here.


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