how to get rid of fibroids naturally

How To Get Rid Of Fibroids Naturally Using Yoni Steaming

how to get rid of fibroids naturallyYoni means womb or vagina in Sanskrit and is one of the methods that is recommended on how to get rid of fibroids naturally as well as various other gynecological issues. Yoni steaming is also known as vaginal steaming.

What is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal or yoni steaming is an ancient practice that has been used for hundreds of years by traditional healers around the world in order to cleanse and revitalize the uterus which is believed to help get rid of various gynecological issues including fibroids.  Some of the health issues that can benefit from vaginal steaming include but are not limited to;

•Significantly reduces pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.
•Decreases menstrual flow as well as reduce dark purple or brown blood at the onset or end of menses.
•Regulates irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
•Increases fertility, especially when combined with Mayan Abdominal Therapy.
•Speeds healing and tones the reproductive system after birth.
•Treats uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis.
•Assists with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar.
•Assists with the healing of hemorrhoids.
•Treats chronic vaginal/yeast infections, and works to maintain healthy odor.
•Relieves symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain during intercourse.
•Detoxifies the womb and removes toxins from the body.
•Releases stored emotions and taps into the energy that is our creative potential.


Many cultures use variations of vaginal steaming besides its significance in Mayan tradition such as other areas of South America, the Far East, etc. The Korean vaginal steaming is very popular in that country especially to increase fertility but also to deal with the many other health issues previously mentioned especially fibroids. Some of the equipment (the ready-made chair with a hole in the center) and the herbs used for a Korean vaginal steaming (Korean wormwood Steam) can be found here on the Japanese shopping site Rakuten.

How to perform yoni steaming

Modify a chair to use for the ritual by cutting a hole (at least 10 inches in diameter) in the center, or using a metal/wicker garden chair that steam can rise through. Make sure your yoni is at least 12 inches from the bowl.

Choose anywhere from 3-5 herbs:

•Yarrow herb: Blood purifying, pelvic tonic
•Holy Basil: Menstruation balm and tonic
•Rose Petals: Womb totem of love and healing
•Mug-wort herb (also known as wormwood which the Koreans use): Womb cleanser and awakener
•Raspberry leaf: Nurturing and protective

Note: Other herbs such as lavender or other flowers and essential oils (just a drop) may also be used.

Add 2-3 cups of herbs into a large pot of boiling water. Cover with a lid and simmer for approximately five minutes. Remove from the heat and let it steep for an additional five minutes leaving the lid on the pot.

Place the pot directly under the hole of your yoni steam chair on top of a folded towel. Lift the lid and let the steam rise—making sure your post is close enough that you can feel the warm steam, but not close enough that it is uncomfortable.


Completely undress (or just from the waist down) and wrap a large blanket or sheet around your waist creating a ‘sweat lodge’ affect with no drafts. Steam for approximately twenty minutes.

When your yoni steam is complete, it is recommended to rest and stay warm. Dreams may also be enhanced from this experience so doing this ritual prior to sleep is very beneficial.


The reason that the vaginal steam may be recommended as one of the best methods on how to get rid of fibroids naturally as well as eliminate other gynecological issues is because it is believes that the vaginal tissues which are absorbent and porous are able to absorb the herbal steam. When placed in hot water, the healing properties of the herbs are transferred to the water  which are then transferred through the steam to and through the vagina to the uterus.

This herbal steam helps to increase circulation and tone to the reproductive system while helping to thin mucus and cleanse the entire system and help eliminate harmful buildup to ensure that the entire reproductive system including the uterus operates at its best.

Does vaginal steaming sound like something you would be interested in? Or does it just not make sense on how it can help get rid of fibroids naturally. Personally it reminds me a lot of this but there are people who swear by it.

It’s definitely something to consider if you believe in holistic health but there are many other effective ways if you are hesitant about this ancient method on how to get rid of fibroids naturally which are discussed in the proven Fibroids Miracle guide if you prefer to try other methods instead of this yoni steaming.


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