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“Keep Away From Your Vajayjay!” Doctors Warn About Womb Detox Pearls

womb detox pearlsOkay, okay maybe the doctors didn’t use the term “vajayjay” but they are still issuing warnings about the “Womb Detox Pearls” which seem to be gaining popularity. They represent a ball of herbs encased in a cotton gauze that is inserted into the vagina as a means to “detox” the womb.

According to Embrace Pangaea, one of the companies that manufactures detox pearls, the cleanse treats the “toxins from a poor diet, chemical based environment, and emotional stress (that) can get stuck in your womb.” These ominous, unspecified toxins are allegedly/reportedly responsible for “major imbalances” like bacteria vaginosis, yeast infections, endometriosis, infertility, vagina pain, excess bleeding, vaginal dryness, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and fibroids.


Detox pearls are cloth-covered balls containing herbs like mothersworth, osthol, angelica, borneol, and rhizoma. Purveyors claim that they can detox your womb and reset your natural balance by, among other things, increasing elasticity, regulating the menstrual cycle, killing parasites and (bad) bacteria, improving fertility, reducing discharge, and removing toxins (there’s that undefined word again).


This website is about natural treatment and herbal medicine is one of the cornerstones of natural treatments and while there are many ways of using herbs to treat many gynecological issues such as fibroids, inserting herbs into the vagina just does not seem like the best idea and the best way to use herbs.

First of all the vagina is separate from the womb so inserting these Womb Detox Pearls into the vagina will only affect the vagina and not the womb as you won’t be able to physically place these herbs into your womb. Other problems that could be caused by this ball of herbs include;


 – Damaging the good bacteria in your vagina, and encouraging the growth of bad bacteria. “Studies tell us that when women are deficient in good bacteria, they’re not only more likely to get infections such as yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, but they’re also more likely to get gonorrhea or HIV if they’re exposed to it,” Gunter tells Yahoo Health.

– Irritating the lining of your vagina, which increases the risk of infection.

– Contributing to toxic shock syndrome, since you’re supposed to leave them in for 72 hours — far longer than any tampon or similar product should stay in the vagina. 


Leave your vagina alone. It knows how to clean itself or alert you if there are any issues and the issues will probably not be solved by shoving herbs up there.

I absolutely love herbs and detoxes can help but Womb Detox Pearls are probably not the way. There are better and more effective ways to use herbalism for treating various diseases and conditions or for a detox.

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