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Kegel Exercises As A Cure For Fibroids

cure for fibroidsExercise has been discussed previously here and here about why it is beneficial to prevent uterine fibroids, to reduce symptoms and in some cases it can help to shrink fibroids naturally. The focus here is on kegeling which is probably one of the best exercises used as a cure for fibroids, to reduce symptoms and to prevent fibroid tumors.

What is Kegeling?

Located in the genitalia area is the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle which is found between the vagina and the anal area. In order to improve gynecological health, this muscle should be toned and strengthened and one of the best ways to do that is with kegel exercises.

This is why kegel exercises are considered the best exercises especially for women with fibroid tumors or other issues in the uterus and surrounding areas. Kegel exercises specifically target this area to tone the pelvis, cause better circulation and these exercises are especially good for balancing hormones.

The cause(s) of the development of uterine fibroids remains unknown however, the female hormone estrogen and to a lesser extent other female hormones are believed to contribute to fibroid growth when the hormone levels are imbalanced such as having an estrogen dominant state in the uterus and surrounding areas.

Exercise and kegel exercises in particular is one of the best ways to balance hormone making exercise an important cure for fibroids, or a way to reduce uterine fibroids symptoms or to prevent the development of uterine fibroids. Exercise as such is an important uterine fibroid natural treatment method.

Kegeling is a technique used for many purposes that involves contraction and release of the PC muscle. Think of the muscles you would use to stop urine flow. These are the muscles you would contract and release.

Using these muscles frequently will tone and increase blood flow in the pelvic area which helps to get rid of disease causing toxins in this area through the blood. With fewer toxins in the area, fibroid development may be prevented or it can help control the growth and the related symptoms of current uterine fibroids.

Gynecological health is improved with kegeling as the PC muscle is strengthened which ensures that more nutrients will be brought to this area with the richer and increased blood flow. Kegeling will also help to prevent incontinence, reduce congestion and cause fibroid tumors to heal or be prevented from developing in the first place. Of course kegeling will also make you “tighter” which will increase sexual satisfaction for both parties.

When and How to Kegel

Kegel exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime. No one will even know that you are performing these exercises. You can do them while stuck in traffic, at the grocery store, while showering, while brushing your teeth, while seated at your desk or in front of the TV, etc. The question really should be when can you not kegel?

For gynecological health though and to strengthen the PC muscle, you need to establish a routine. At the very least, try to perform the exercises 3 times a day.

If you stick to a set schedule and regularly perform kegel exercises, you should start to notice that you have more control over your flow of urine which signifies that the muscles in your pelvis are more toned and stronger.

Ways to Kegel

1. Pump the PC muscle by holding it for 3 seconds and then releasing it for 3 seconds. Do as many of these exercises as you can. 10, 20, 30, etc.

2. Bear downs allow you to tone the PC muscle in addition to the lower abdominals which is a common problem area for many women. With these kegel exercises, you will add a “bear down” (which is similar to the way it feels to empty your bowels), to the contraction/release motion discussed in 1. and 3. below.

3. You can also kegel in pulses which represents contracting and releasing the PC muscle quickly and in short bursts.

You will be the master of kegeling when you can do 300 or more kegel exercises a day of the various types above.

There are many other ways to kegel but the above should get you going and allow you to have good results. Kegeling is important if you are searching for a natural cure for fibroids or fibroids prevention or to deal with various other gynecological issues. It does not cost a thing and can be done even when you are performing other tasks.

For more of the best natural treatments for fibroids besides kegeling, you must get your hands on the Fibroids Miracle guide. This holistic guide uses natural methods only and can help you not only eliminate but also prevent fibroids from developing ever again. Find out more about this bestselling guide here.


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  1. Thank you for your comprehensive site on curing fibroids naturally. May I suggest you also add the yoni egg to your recommendations? I have been searching for a correlation between them, and healing fibroids and there is little to nothing written. They are healing stones, shaped like eggs which add resistance to kegel exercises and, depending on the properties of the stone, add a added measure of healing energy to the source. I’ve just begun my practice but I feel I’ve found a very powerful healing aid strengthening aid that other women with fibroids would benefit knowing about. Have a wonderful day!

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