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Lose Weight and Lose Your Fibroid Tumors?

Can losing weight help you lose your fibroid tumors? Well it depends. We all know that being overweight can increase your risk of developing various diseases and conditions, but can it also increase your risk of developing fibroids? It’s possible. But because so much about fibroids is still unknown, this means that what causes fibroids in one woman may be different from what causes fibroids in another.

Obviously there are many women who have no weight problems but who still deal fibroids so what this means is that what causes uterine fibroids to develop in them is probably unrelated to weight.

Why you may be increasing your risk of developing fibroids by not maintaining a healthy weight

Estrogen dominance is believed to be one of the factors at the root of fibroid development. This is because being overweight leads to an accumulation of fat cells in the body which causes the excessive production of estrogen. This excessive estrogen is then deposited into the bloodstream and leads to a state of hormone imbalance (estrogen dominance) which feeds fibroids.

Promoting hormone balance in the body which helps to prevent a state of estrogen dominance can help to decrease or eliminate fibroid tumors. Losing weight is one of the best ways to not only promote overall health and well being it is also a great way to balance your hormones and prevent estrogen dominance.

Also, if you are carrying around a lot of belly fat, you are making your health issues much worse than just dealing with fibroids including heart problems (heart disease in the #1 killer in women), high blood pressure, etc.


Quarantine seems to have made weight issues worse for many but you can always get back on the right track. You need a plan and to be consistent.

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