surgical removal of uterine fibroids

Questions To Ask Yourself When Considering The Surgical Removal Of Uterine Fibroids

surgical removal of uterine fibroidsWhile surgery is one of the ways for uterine fibroids treatment, it should never be the first choice except in very rare circumstances. If you are considering the surgical removal of uterine fibroids, the following are some questions you should ask yourself before going ahead with surgery.

1. Any symptoms of uterine fibroids?

While some women may suffer from uterine fibroids symptoms, most women with these tumors do not experience any symptoms. The tumors are usually discovered during normal pelvic exams.

If you have no symptoms, “watchful waiting” may be the better option for you and you should probably not consider the surgical removal of uterine fibroids. With watchful waiting, the doctor simply monitors the tumors for any change in size or properties.

Even with no symptoms, some tumors may increase in size rapidly which could be a sign that they may be cancerous. Only about one percent of tumors are ever cancerous. Most tumors are benign.

2. Do you wish to get pregnant in the future?

If you do have a desire to get pregnant and are considering the surgical removal of uterine fibroids, certain surgical procedures such as the abdominal myomectomy may be the better choice as the uterus remains fairly intact unlike if you have a hysterectomy performed which removes the entire uterus and cervix.

Some uterine fibroids may affect fertility also and may need to be surgically removed in order to increase the chance of pregnancy. See uterine fibroids and pregnancy.

3. Should you start with hormonal therapy?

Obviously surgery should be the last option. While watchful waiting is the first stage of conventional “treatment”, hormonal therapy is also another conventional uterine fibroids treatment.

Certain drugs can be administered to regulate the hormones in the body or to stop the body from creating certain hormones that may be causing the tumors to increase in size and produce symptoms.

This hormonal therapy for uterine fibroids may help later on if you do opt for the surgical removal of uterine fibroids as they will help to shorten the operating time, hospital stay and lessen postoperative pain as they decrease tumor size as well as other symptoms such as bleeding.

4. Have you considered the side effects?

Besides the expense, many of the procedures for the surgical removal of uterine fibroids have many devastating side effects that you need to carefully review and consider before opting for surgery.

5. Are there any natural treatment for uterine fibroids that work?

Obviously what will work for one sufferer may not necessarily work for another but you need to consider whether natural treatment for uterine fibroids would be a better option for you than the surgical removal of uterine fibroids. There are many options for uterine fibroid natural treatment that may work on your tumors.

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