herbal tea for uterine fibroids

Top 10 Herbal Teas For Uterine Fibroids

herbal tea for uterine fibroidsAs mentioned countless times elsewhere on this website, herbs are one of the best ways to treat uterine fibroids naturally and one of the easiest ways to introduce these herbs into your body so they can begin their work is with teas. Although you can certainly use tinctures (herbal extracts), capsules, etc, if you prefer. With that in mind, here are the top 10 herbal teas for uterine fibroids that you may want to try if you are struggling with fibroids.

Using herbal teas to shrink fibroids

While I list 10 of the best herbal teas for uterine fibroids below, it is important to remember that you don’t have to use all of them. Pick one or two and you may need to experiment with a few first to find the one that you like best based on various factors such as accessibility, taste, cost, etc.

While you can certainly grow your own herbs and dry them yourself before using, there are many places that sell organic dried herbs such as Mountain Rose Herbs. The best herbs to use are organic herbs from a reputable seller and Mountain Rose Herbs is one although there are certainly many.

While most if not all of these herbs are generally safe, you may need to do your research to ensure that you will not have any problems with these herbs such as allergic reaction, etc.

Making an herbal tea

To make an herbal infusion (tea), it is generally recommended to add one or two teaspoons or dried herb to a cup of boiling water and allow this to steep for about 10 to 20 minute. Strain and drink 3 to 5 cups of this a day. Many of these herbs also come in tea bags which makes them easier to use.

Herbal teas for uterine fibroids

  1. Green tea – This tea is one of the best ways to shrink uterine fibroids because it contains an antioxidant – EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) – which has been shown in various research studies to be effective in women with uterine fibroids because EGCG prevents the growth of tumors and also encourages tumor cells to die off. Fiboids are benign (non-cancerous) tumors.
  2. Chaste tree – This is also known as vitex and is the premier female herb and is perfect for natural fibroid treatment because it helps to balance hormones and prevent a state of estrogen dominance which is commonly blamed for the development and worsening of uterine fibroid symptoms.
  3. Ginger tea – This is one of the top Ayurvedic herbs for uterine fibroids natural treatment and like vitex, it helps to promote hormone balance and prevent estrogen dominance which can help shrink uterine fibroids in the long run. It can also help to reduce the cramps, heavy bleeding, etc, that can result from fibroid tumors.
  4. Yarrow tea – If you are dealing with heavy bleeding due to fibroids, yarrow tea is one of the best ways to regulate your blood flow and it can also help reduce stress which if not contained can worsen fibroids and the symptoms of uterine fibroids.
  5. Black cohosh tea – This is another very popular female herb and it can help to shrink fibroids naturally because it also prevents a state of estrogen dominance as well as strengthening and toning the uterus.
  6. Red raspberry leaf tea – Red raspberry tea is another of the best herbs to treat heavy bleeding due to fibroids as well as strengthen and tone the uterus.
  7. False unicorn root – This herb has been shown to not only be able to shrink fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc, but it can also help if you are dealing with infertility including infertility due to fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.
  8. Dandelion – This herb is a detox herb and helps the body get rid of excess estrogen which helps to prevent a state of estrogen dominance.
  9. Echinacea – Research has shown that this amazing herb can help to shrink uterine fibroids naturally as well as help the body eliminate the matter from these dying tumors.
  10. Burdock root – This amazing herb not only helps to detoxify the liver which helps to eliminate excessive estrogen as well as other waste and toxins but it also help to inhibit tumor growth.

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These are some of the top herbal teas for uterine fibroids which work in various ways to eliminate uterine fibroids. Find what works for you and be consistent in drinking 3 to 5 cups a day and most of all, give the herbs time to work. Natural remedies while effective can take some time to work so you need to be patient.

You also need to remember that while using various herbal teas for uterine fibroids or herbal tinctures, capsules, tablets, etc, are a part of the holistic approach for treating fibroids, this is just one aspect. Find out other components of the holistic approach for getting rid of and preventing uterine fibroids for good as set forth in the step-by-step Fibroids Miracle guide.


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