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Treating Uterine Fibroids Through Conventional Methods

Watch and observe is the first conventional “treatment” method for fibroids that a doctor will implement. This is usually the direction chosen when the tumors are small and produce no symptoms. The doctor will simply monitor these uterine growths periodically to see whether there is any change in the size or properties. For all other serious and symptomatic tumors, treating uterine fibroids through surgical procedures is the recommended conventional approach.

Treating Uterine Fibroids Through Surgical Procedures

Many and better surgical procedures for fibroids continue to be developed and it is important to do your research into the latest surgical procedures recommended for the removal of fibroids if you do choose to go the surgical route. Do not simply rush into having a hysterectomy as there are many other surgeries that may not be as devastating for you as a hysterectomy.

Common surgical procedures include;

1. Myomectomy

This is usually recommended in most cases for women of child-bearing age who still have the desire for children. With this surgical procedure, only the fibroids are removed, leaving the uterus and cervix intact. With an intact uterus, the possibility of developing more tumors in the future remains requiring another surgical procedure if this should occur. Because only fibroids are removed, this is a much more difficult procedure than a hysterectomy and has its own complications and side effects.

2. Uterine Embolism

This involves blocking the blood supply to the tumor(s) through various techniques. With no blood supply, the tumor will shrink.

3. Electromyolysis

Using a probe, an electrical current is passed through the interior of the tumor to destroy it.

4. Cryomyolysis

This is another probe like device that is used to freeze the interior of the tumor and this procedure has varying degrees of success.

5. Laser Myolysis

This is another surgical procedure for “pithing” the tumor in order for the interior of the fibroid tumor to be destroyed through the energy source used in this procedure.

6. Hysterectomy

See Fibroids and Hysterectomy

All these ways for treating uterine fibroids besides a hysterectomy are a temporary solution for uterine fibroid treatment. After the procedures, these tumors may grow back requiring more surgeries. The expense alone is enough to give one pause. Not to mention the various side effects especially with a hysterectomy. Surgical procedures should always be the last resort when you have tried everything else without success including fibroid natural treatment.




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