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Welcome To The Future – New Robotic System May Help Treat Fibroids

treating fibroids naturallyThere are many ways to treat uterine fibroids. While this site mainly focuses on the many natural methods that you can use for treating fibroids naturally, many women also use various conventional treatment methods. This is why the hysterectomy is one of the top surgical procedures performed in women each year (after the Cesarean section), with fibroids being one of the main reasons for a hysterectomy.

But while the hysterectomy is one popular conventional method and is definitely effective (since no uterus means no uterine fibroids can develop), the cost of a hysterectomy (and not just the thousands of dollars it costs for this procedure) may be too much for some women to bear.

A hysterectomy means no uterus which means no chance of ever having a child. There are also many other risk factors that can result which are discussed more here.

While it is certainly true that some women never regret having a hysterectomy, it is best to leave this as a last resort after trying everything else. There are certainly other surgical procedures although most of them will not prevent the return of fibroids as a hysterectomy would, as well as less invasive methods.

One of the less invasive methods is the uterine artery embolization (or uterine fibroid embolization method) which uses certain tools to cut off the blood supply to the uterine fibroids.

Fibroids depend on a robust blood supply to grow and thrive and by cutting off this blood supply, they may shrink and start to degenerate.

Speaking of cutting off the blood supply, there is another new tool that is even more less invasive for treating fibroids that is being used to not only cut off the blood supply to fibroids but which is also helps doctors unblock blood vessels.

Now a new robotic system allows physicians to reach and fix vessels in minimally-invasive vascular procedures that produce better results, quicker recovery times and fewer side effects than open surgery. Holy Name Medical Center is the first in the Northeast to have the Magellan Robotic System, which guides very small catheters that can be controlled to bend and twist in any direction needed to navigate the most complex of vascular systems. It is life-changing for many patients, enabling doctors to restore blood flow to legs with pain-ful arterial obstruction, fix complex aneur-ysms in the body, and selectively cut off the blood supply feeding tumors and fibroids.

“We are able to do these complicated procedures because the Magellan gives us pin-point precision and accuracy,” said John Rundback, MD, director of the Interventional Institute at Holy Name. “We have maximum flexibility and control, giving our patients the best possible outcomes for conditions and diseases that in the past would have been difficult or impossible to treat without surgery and potentially allow successful results for patients who were told that they were unable to be treated.”

But with the Magellan system, doctors use image-guided navigation and have complete maneuverability. The system has catheters and other instruments that rotate 360 degrees and bend 180 degrees in any direction…


New less invasive methods for treating fibroids are being developed every day including the above so that you don’t have to opt for significant surgery such as the hysterectomy unless you really want this procedure after doing your research into this and other methods.

While these conventional methods for treating fibroids can help, most of them besides the hysterectomy do not prevent the return of uterine fibroids after you have the procedure done which means you will need more and more procedures in the future which most women don’t want. This means that you’ll need another solution and the holistic approach may have the answers you seek if you want to be free of fibroids for good.

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