heavy bleeding during period

What Causes Heavy Bleeding During Period?

heavy bleeding during periodHeavy bleeding during periods can be a cause for great concern for many reasons including increasing the risk of developing anemia which can get to the point of being life threatening if prolonged. If left untreated, heavy bleeding can also cause tiredness, weakness, dizziness, shortness of breath when you exert yourself, etc. The following are some of the causes of excessive menstrual bleeding.

What Represents Heavy Bleeding?

What one may consider heavy bleeding may not be so for another but generally, heavy bleeding is when you have to alter your schedules because of the amount of bleeding you are experiencing. When you soak through pads or tampons within an hour or so. When you have to use a tampon AND a pad at the same time in order to contain the flow and still having accidents. Using two or more pads at the same time, suffering frequent accidents as you go about your daily life and while sleeping, etc.

In addition, women who experience heavy bleeding during periods usually have menstrual cycles that last longer than the average of 4 to 7 days. If your periods last for periods of 8 days and much longer, you may be in danger of anemia because of the significant loss of blood.

As mentioned previously, excessive menstrual bleeding can become life threatening requiring hospitalization and even surgery such as a hysterectomy in order to stop the bleeding so it is important not to ignore it when you notice above average bleeding for two or more cycles.

Causes of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

  1. Fibroids – About a third of women with fibroids may develop heavier than normal menstrual cycles including bleeding between periods. Some types of uterine fibroids (e.g. submucosal fibroid tumors) are usually to blame because their location (in the uterine lining) can affect menstrual cycles.
  2. Von Willebrand’s disease – This is an inherited bleeding disease that causes blood to clot slower than normal. Women with this disorder generally experience heavy bleeding during all of their periods.
  3. Liver disease is another cause of heavy bleeding.
  4. Hypothyroidism – This is a disorder that occurs when an underactive thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone and one of the symptoms in women with this disorder is menstrual disorders including heavy bleeding.
  5. Chronic endometriosis – This occurs when tissue from the endometrial lining of the uterus for unknown reasons detaches itself and moves to other areas of the body outside the uterus. This displaced tissue continues to swell and bleed in these strange locations.

Other causes of heavy bleeding during period include cervical polyps, adenomyosis and endometrial polyps.

Any instance of heavy bleeding should be treated immediately but especially so when heavy bleeding is an early warning sign of cancer such as vaginal cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer and other types of cancer.

Besides conventional treatments, there are also many natural remedies for heavy bleeding during periods including the use of various herbs. As always, do monitor your symptoms when you use various remedies and if the heavy bleeding does not stop, medical intervention may be necessary.


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