holistic approach for fibroids

What Every Woman With Fibroids Should Know About Holistic Treatment For Fibroids

holistic approach for fibroidsLife is about making choices and deciding to use conventional methods including surgery to treat your fibroids is entirely up to you. However there is one thing that conventional treatment methods cannot do unless you have your entire uterus removed (through hysterectomy).

All other conventional treatment methods will not prevent the recurrence of fibroids and even some surgical procedures such as myomectomy may only be used to remove only the large fibroid tumors and leave the smaller ones if you have many fibroids in your uterus which will require more surgeries at a later date to remove the ones left behind and/or new ones that develop since the previous surgery.

This is why many turn to towards the holistic approach for treating and preventing fibroids. They are designed to treat the whole and not just the symptoms. This is really the best way to get at the root cause of the fibroids in your body so that recurrence is prevented.

Not only do holistic treatment methods seek to eliminate and prevent fibroids but to also improve your general health and well-being as well as treat any other health issues you may be dealing with besides fibroids.

Benefits of the holistic approach

  1. First of all, holistic methods are inexpensive compared to many conventional treatment methods. The hysterectomy alone costs at least $10,000. If you’re fortunate enough to have health insurance, it may cover most of this cost but many around the world are not so fortunate to have insurance or have this money available for surgery.
  2. As mentioned previously, holistic methods seek to get to the root cause of the problem in order to eliminate it and prevent recurrence. They do not simply treat the symptoms because treating symptoms alone will not prevent what is causing the problem in the first place.
  3. There are many natural methods that are part of the holistic approach and regimens including those documented in this proven holistic guide will be tailored to your particular situation. It is not a one size fits all approach because as we know what works for one may not necessarily work for another and vice versa so you need to be able to customize your treatment. Keep what works and eliminate what doesn’t.
  4. The holistic approach enables you to take control of your health, body, mind and spirit and not simply rely on someone else including doctors. It allows you to educate yourself about various treatments and find what works for you. While seeking the expertise of others including doctors is important, the person who should be in the driver’s seat as far as your health is concerned should be you. The holistic approach helps you feel more powerful and in control of your health even when you struggle to find what works and eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t give up.
  5. Many holistic practitioners usually offer their advice in a calm, relaxing office environment while questioning you not just about your symptoms but also about your entire life and lifestyle and are not some harried doctor in a clinical setting who only has a few minutes to deal with you.
  6. Most holistic treatment methods have few to no side effects unlike many conventional treatment methods including surgery. For some of the side effects of having a hysterectomy, click here.
  7. The holistic approach gives the body the tools and resources to self-heal which is the best way on a long-term basis.

Cons of the holistic approach

While the holistic approach is probably the best way to deal with any health issue including fibroids especially if you want to prevent recurrence, there are some cons such as the following;

  1. There will be no quick results so you have to be committed to this approach for several weeks and months. But really recurrence is prevented when you make the holistic approach a life time commitment because the benefits of doing this are immense as you will not deal with many of the health issues that many people commonly deal with because they are not in the driver’s seat of their health and well-being. The holistic approach should be a lifestyle change for it to produce the best results.
  2. The holistic approach is not usually covered by insurance as many conventional methods would be.

You are certainly free to use various conventional methods or use a combination of holistic and conventional methods but if you want freedom from fibroids without having to surgically remove your uterus, you need to give the holistic approach a chance. Find out more about adopting a holistic regimen for fibroids freedom in the proven holistic guide reviewed here.


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