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What Everyone Needs In Their Pantry In Times Of Crisis (Not Water)

Picture this…

You’re sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast with your family. Toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and orange juice. The whole 9-yards. Suddenly one of the kids reaches for the hot pan. And before you can yell “stop”, he’s pulled it down on top of himself. He’s bathed in hot grease. You expect him to let out a yell. But he doesn’t. His face blanches white and he curls up in a ball. You realize he’s in shock. This burn is serious. So, you turn to find your phone and call 911. Then you remember… Hospitals have become war zones.

They’re overrun with critical patients. There’s no way they’ll be able to help the boy. And your doctor hasn’t worked in weeks.

You can’t even buy an antibiotic cream because drugstores are closed. What do you do?

If you’re Dr. John Herzog, you grab something off the kitchen table and apply it to the boy’s burn immediately.

No, not the butter. It’s something you’d likely never guess.

It works even better than expensive medicinal creams.

And yet, it’s so common you probably have some in your own kitchen right now.

I know. I made this situation up. And yet, it’s something I’m pretty sure we all realize it could someday happen.

And of course, a severe burn is just one of dozens of bad things that might happen when you can’t reach medical care.

Which is why Dr. Herzog put a list of together 102 other serious injuries and illnesses you can treat at home.

Check them out here.

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