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xoNecole Founder Necole Kane Creates My Happy Flo Brand To Promote Menstrual Health

Necole Kane Founder of new brand My Happy Flo

Necole Kane once known for the popular celebrity gossip blog Necole Bitchie recently stepped down from the brand she founded after moving on from Necole Bitchie, xoNecole. As she became more health focused over the years, she recently decided to focus solely on her new brand My Happy Flo by stepping down from xoNecole.

After studying healthy habits and nutrition, Necole was alarmed to find out that 80% of women were living with hormonal imbalances that were manifesting into heavy, painful periods.

And with so many women suffering as she once did, Necole wanted to create a platform where others could experience pain-free periods. Cue My Happy Flo. “My goal with My Happy Flo was to create a holistic product that women could rely on to fill in their nutritional gaps, as well as help boost their energy, moods, and immunity, and restore hormonal balance for a healthier cycle,” says Necole. Read more about Necole’s My Happy Flo journey below.


What made you decide to start My Happy Flo?

As I got into my late 30s, heading towards my 40s, almost every Black woman around me had fibroids and very debilitating periods. By this time, I’m four years into my vitamin journey and I had these amazing periods. So, I went down this path of why so many women of color have fibroids and also period trauma and I found a correlation between the two. Once I found that out, I took some hormone health courses and created My Happy Flo which is a supplement that helps women balance their hormones so that they can reduce the risk of reproductive conditions like fibroids, endometriosis, and PCOS so that they can have healthier happier cycles.

Period trauma impacts Black women disproportionately. How does My Happy Flo shed light on this statistic? 

As a period wellness brand, it is very important for us to educate women on their menstrual cycle more so than selling a vitamin. It’s very important for us to teach women the importance of knowing their menstrual cycle, the different phases of it, and also signs of what’s abnormal so that they can be diagnosed with conditions like fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, earlier than they are now. If you’ve never been taught what a normal period is, you don’t know what’s normal and I think that’s where we have to step up as a brand service in this community, educating women on what’s normal.

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To find out more about My Happy Flo, click here.

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